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xWays Hoarder xSplit

xWays Hoarder xSplit Review

average rating is 3.4 out of 5, based on 3825 votes, Ratings

Embark on an epic casino adventure with xWays Hoarder xSplit, an exciting online casino game brought to you by the renowned provider Nolimit City. This game will take you on a thrilling journey filled with xWays, xSplit symbols, and incredible winning potential. In this review, we'll delve into the heart of the action and discover why xWays Hoarder xSplit is a must-play for slot enthusiasts.

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Up to €500 & 50 FREE SPINS

Game Features & Payouts

Have you ever found yourself craving a slot game that takes you on a wild, post-apocalyptic adventure? Enter xWays Hoarder xSplit, a title that’s nothing short of thrilling. This game propels you into a dystopian world where treasures are stashed away by hoarders, and your mission, quite intriguingly, is to collect those elusive treasures. Created by Nolimit City, a developer that never fails to impress, xWays Hoarder xSplit is a gripping journey from the very first spin.

Game Features

The game sports a pretty interesting array of features that really make it stand out. What’s special about xWays Hoarder xSplit slot is its unique xWays and xSplit mechanics. The xWays feature increases the symbols on the reels, turning your standard gameplay into an expanding, treasure-filled reel. Conversely, the xSplit mechanic splits symbols to give you more chances of hitting winning combinations. It’s dynamic and unpredictable—just the way I like it!

The game runs on a 5x3 reel setup, pretty standard at first glance, but don’t be deceived—it’s anything but standard once you start spinning. There are various levels and hidden surprises that keep you on your toes.

Now, regarding paylines, xWays Hoarder xSplit online offers up to 243 ways to win. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill slot game; the extensive paylines make for a more engaging and rewarding experience. I can't tell you how many times I’ve caught myself totally absorbed in the game, oblivious to the time passing by.

Game Payouts

The payouts are one of the most enticing aspects. With an RTP that can go up to 96.14%, you're not only in for a entertaining experience but a potentially profitable one as well. It’s always wise to check the RTP before diving into any slot game, and this one doesn’t disappoint. 

The maximum win you can possibly land in xWays Hoarder xSplit casino slot is a staggering 11,030x your bet. Imagine hitting that jackpot; it's absolutely thrilling and definitely life-changing!

Speaking of multipliers, the game doesn’t shy away from offering abundant multipliers. They can pop up unexpectedly, enhancing your winnings significantly.

If you're playing conservatively, the minimum bet you can place is just 0.20 coins, making it accessible to almost everyone.

For the high-rollers out there, the maximum bet per spin is 100 coins. So, whether you’re cautious or adventurous, there’s room for everyone at this slot machine.

Theme & Design

The theme of xWays Hoarder xSplit is quite riveting. Set in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world, you’ll find yourself dodging the remains of civilization, scavenging for whatever treasures you can find. It’s reminiscent of popular post-apocalyptic movies and TV shows, giving it a familiar yet exhilarating feel.


The design is gritty and immersive, capturing the feel of a collapsed world beautifully. The graphics are sharp, providing rich visual storytelling that makes you feel like a true hoarder searching for lost treasures. From rusty old cans to valuable gold bars, every element is carefully curated to enhance the game's atmosphere. Hands down, one of the best-designed slots I’ve encountered in a while! 

Music & Sound

Equally compelling is the sound design. The music and sound effects are meticulously crafted to add to the suspense and excitement of the game. You’ll hear crumbling buildings, distant echoes, and the clink of gold coins—each sound effect absorbing you further into the bleak, yet fascinating world of xWays Hoarder xSplit.

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To address the weaknesses first, it’s fair to say that xWays Hoarder xSplit may not be everyone’s cup of tea, particularly due to its complex mechanics. For newcomers or casual gamers, the xWays and xSplit features might seem a bit daunting at first. There’s also the volatility to consider; this game can be quite unpredictable, which might not sit well with those who prefer a steadier pace and guaranteed smaller wins. 

On the flip side, the strengths of xWays Hoarder xSplit are plentiful. The immersive theme, coupled with top-notch graphics and sound design, really pulls you into the game’s universe. It's like stepping into a vivid, post-apocalyptic movie where you have a starring role. The RTP of 96.14% is pretty favorable and offers a good chance of winning, adding to the overall allure. Additionally, the unique game mechanics provide a fresh spin (pun intended) on the traditional slot gameplay format.

Furthermore, the game’s ability to cater to both low-stakes and high-stakes players with its adjustable betting range makes it incredibly versatile. If you’re someone who enjoys a thrill, the potential for substantial payouts is undoubtedly a big draw. The maximum win of 11,030x your bet has the potential to turn your gaming session into an unforgettable experience.

Another strong advantage is accessibility. With a xWays Hoarder xSplit demo available, you can test the waters before diving in. This scam-free game ensures that player security and fair play are a given, alleviating any possible concerns about authenticity.

In conclusion, while xWays Hoarder xSplit might have a bit of a learning curve for some, it more than makes up for it with its engaging theme, high-quality design, and lucrative winning potential. Whether you’re a seasoned slot veteran or a newbie looking to expand your horizons, this game offers a compelling, immersive experience that’s hard to resist. So why not give it a spin and see if you can uncover those hidden treasures? Happy hoarding!

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