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Netherlands Launches Groundbreaking Research Projects with Gambling Levy Funds

Netherlands Launches Groundbreaking Research Projects with Gambling Levy Funds

The Netherlands initiates the first phase of its Addiction Prevention Fund (VPF) with six research projects receiving funding. These projects mark the inaugural subsidy round under the ZonMw Prevention of Gambling Addiction program, run by healthcare research entity ZonMw on behalf of the gaming regulator Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), extending until 2029.

Financed by the VPF, established in 2021 and funded through an additional gambling levy on high-risk games of chance, the projects focus on various aspects, including research into the prevention and treatment of gambling addiction.

The "breakthrough round" addresses issues concerning vulnerable groups, prevention, treatment, and interventions, along with exploring gambling-related damage and the characteristics and context of gambling products, as stated by a spokesperson.

Research Project Highlights:

Evaluation and innovation of effective CBT treatment for gambling at Amsterdam UMC.

Development and testing of the effectiveness of Moti-4 for gambling problems in youth by Trimbos Institute.

Examination of the types of ads vulnerable groups in the Netherlands encounter and the consequences of these gambling ads by the University of Amsterdam.

Additional projects by Trimbos and Amsterdam UMC focusing on various aspects of gambling research.

The ZonMw Prevention of Gambling Addiction program, launched in March 2023, invited grant applications from entities involved in preventing and treating gambling addiction and related issues. This initiative is part of the Netherlands' efforts to address the challenges associated with the newly regulated gambling market, which commenced operations just weeks after the program's announcement in 2021.

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