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Better Collective enters media partnership with Punch to launch sports betting section

License: Pexels, Soumil Kumar

Better Collective, a Denmark-based affiliate, has announced a media partnership with Punch, a Nigerian news media company. The partnership will see Better Collective running a sports betting section in English on, the Nigerian brand’s website and digital platform. The deal also involves Better Collective using its technology and content team to help Punch’s readers with gaming decisions in the digital sports entertainment market.

This partnership marks Better Collective’s first media deal with a brand from Africa. Better Collective co-founder and CEO Jesper Søgaard indicated that the company plans to expand its activities within Africa. “We are very proud to partner with such a well-established news media like Punch,” said Søgaard. “Not only will we be partnering with Nigeria’s market leader, but this partnership also allows us to establish a presence on the African continent.”

Punch’s managing director and editor-in-chief, Adeyeye Joseph, believes the deal can help his brand reach a wider audience group. “We are excited to work with a passionate technology-driven partner like Better Collective,” said Joseph. “We hope that this partnership will help Punch to serve Nigeria’s growing sports betting community with high-quality content while also helping our company to further its audience and revenue goals.”

Better Collective’s nomination committee recently proposed a range of financial actions for the company ahead of its annual general meeting. This included authorizing the board of directors to increase the share capital in the company. Jens Bager and Therese Hillman have been nominated for re-election as chair and vice-chair of the board of directors, respectively.

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