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Beter to bring content distribution in-house

License: Pexels, Free to use, Author: FOX

Content and data provider Beter has announced its plan to move its content distribution system in-house to strengthen and expand its partnerships with operators. The supplier of basketball, MMA, esports, table tennis, and iGaming content aims to have greater control over the distribution of its content among its network of operator partners. Beter intends to work with more tier-one brands globally and to strengthen its existing partnerships. According to Beter CEO Gal Ehrlich, the move is a strategic decision that aligns its distribution strategies with its long-term goals. Beter has worked with sports data giant Sportradar to distribute its basketball, table tennis, and esports products, but it will take over the distribution of its content in-house as part of the new strategy. The company's products will still be available via Sportradar until the end of May. Beter aims to provide the best possible experience for its customers and players by taking a more active role in content distribution.

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