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BETER Live and FAVBET Team Up to Elevate Live Casino Entertainment

Image License: BeterLive

iGamingPub News BETER Live and FAVBET Team Up to Elevate Live Casino Entertainment

BETER Live, the live casino division of the renowned betting content and data provider BETER, has formed a dynamic partnership with the popular online sportsbook and casino brand, FAVBET, marking a significant enhancement to the operator's live casino offerings.

Under this collaboration, BETER Live will offer FAVBET an impressive portfolio of authentic and engaging live casino games, catering to Eastern European markets. The collection comprises over 20 games and their variations, encompassing classics like Roulette and Blackjack, as well as innovative titles such as Gravity Blackjack, Gravity Roulette, and Ukrainian Roulette.

BETER Live takes pride in its highly trained game presenters, who excel in delivering an immersive player experience by engaging in real-time conversations with players while they enjoy their gaming sessions.

Notably, FAVBET has introduced a UA Roulette table powered by BETER Live, specially tailored to meet the preferences of Ukrainian players. This localized game has already garnered significant player interest, boasting a nearly 40% higher conversion rate and four times more organic traffic compared to the provider's standard roulette.

BETER Live has swiftly established itself as a must-have live casino provider, consistently exceeding player expectations. The partnership between BETER Live and Favbet Live, though relatively new, is already preparing for further initiatives aimed at strengthening their collaboration in the long term.

Anna Vikmane, Director of BETER Live, expressed her enthusiasm for this successful partnership, highlighting FAVBET's strong presence and trustworthiness in the Ukrainian market. She emphasized the importance of localization, ensuring that BETER Live's content delivers an authentic player experience.

Vikmane stated, "BETER Live is successfully blazing a trail in the live casino space, and we are excited to have added its games to our portfolio, allowing us to provide a fully localized experience to our players and to stand out from our rivals. BETER Live has earned a reputation for delivering quality, and its live casino titles really are second to none. We now look forward to working closely with BETER Live to continue to enhance our live casino offering and have many exciting products and updates in the pipeline," as commented by FAVBET.

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