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Animal Welfare Groups Unite to Call for an End to Greyhound Racing in Scotland

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A coalition of nine animal welfare groups has joined forces under the banner "Unbound The Greyhound" to advocate for the phase-out of greyhound racing in Scotland. The campaign aims to prompt the Scottish government to take action and put an end to dog racing.

Scotland's Parliament has agreed to conduct an inquiry into the matter following a petition submitted by Scotland Against Greyhound Racing (Sage), one of the supporting groups of the campaign. Other organizations supporting the initiative include OneKind, Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, League Against Cruel Sports, Grey2K USA Worldwide, Animal Concern, Hope Rescue, All-party Parliamentary Dog Advisory Welfare Group, and Say No to Greyhound Racing in Scotland.

According to the campaign, Scotland's greyhound racing industry is in decline, with only one unlicensed track remaining in the country. Polling indicates that the majority of Scots want the Scottish government to take action against this industry, which involves dog injuries, deaths, amputations, and doping.

Scottish Greens MSP Mark Ruskell, a longstanding advocate for ending dog racing, has expressed his support for the campaign. He has called for the closure of Thornton Greyhound Stadium, the last remaining racetrack in Scotland without a license.

During a discussion in Parliament, Ruskell urged Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf to consider a phase-out of greyhound racing. Yousaf agreed that animal welfare should be a priority for the government and stated that he would assess potential steps to address the issue.

Ruskell welcomed the First Minister's interest and emphasized the need to protect dogs from the risks associated with the industry. He expressed hope that collaboration between stakeholders and the government would lead to the phasing-out of greyhound racing in Scotland.

The joint effort of the animal welfare groups and the government's consideration of the issue indicate a growing momentum to bring an end to greyhound racing in Scotland, highlighting the shared commitment to the welfare of these animals.

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